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Millennial Drink Wear is Here

Just when iPhone released their black and matte, silver to gold, rose gold to even red iPhone’s, everyone was into the colour scheme. So why not pair up your device with a matching water bottle? We didn’t have to think twice about that one either. Health and wellness is trending and for good reason too,…

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Let It Be Known

Get a Glimpse: 17 powerful facts our industry’s business of promotional products and its effective results. One in 10 consumers owns between one and 10 promotional products. Once every week, 53% of these people use a promotional product. Six in 10 of them keep these promotional products for up to two years. Only one in…

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D-liciously Belgium

Our team has been on a mission to find grade-A sweets for quite some time. It wasn’t until a while back we sourced out a Belgium chocolate supplier that supplies nothing below our standards of sweet, smooth chocolatey greatness. Our supplied Belgium chocolate will never go bad as long as it’s kept in ideal storage…

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Let’s get Tech Savy

When it comes to promotional giveaways, many companies lean towards promo items like pens, lanyards, pins and the same old Average-Joe item people don’t appreciate. They throw them away, give it to their kids or store it away to never be seen again. Let’s jump into the Millennial Era and offer promotional items that are…

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The Good Ol’ Paper and Pen

Although computers, smart phones, and tablets are an ever evolving notetaking device, paper and pen has always been the original equipment, and for good reason that is. People still appreciate putting pen to paper and generating ideas when writing things down. It helps the creative juices flow; to be able to concentrate on something of…

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