D-liciously Belgium

Our team has been on a mission to find grade-A sweets for quite some time. It wasn’t until a while back we sourced out a Belgium chocolate supplier that supplies nothing below our standards of sweet, smooth chocolatey greatness.

Our supplied Belgium chocolate will never go bad as long as it’s kept in ideal storage conditions between 16-21 Celsius standard room temperatures. Our chocolates are 100% pure Belgium cocoa, and don’t have any cheap fillers you’d find in retail products.

FUN FACT: Have you ever seen white rings around your chocolate? Think it has gone bad? Don’t freight, it hasn’t! The chocolate can’t actually go bad because we have no impurities in it. The white rings you see are simply the cocoa butter contents shifting around in chocolate solely due to either rapid warming or rapid cooling. This is why we advise to keep your chocolates stored away in room temperature.

Belgium chocolates are great for promotional giveaways at all events, corporate events, tradeshows and seasonal gift giving for clients, coworkers, managers or sales force to enjoy!